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Alkaline refractory castables in practice and experimental results show that the basic refractory castable need to solve the following problems:

  1. Enough time available.
  2. During the drying, alkaline powder does not occur hydration.
  3. The case of multiple thermal cycles, the volume stability is good.
  4. During use, less slag penetration.
  5. When in contact with alkaline ferrite, no structural flaking occurs.

Alkali refractory castable, dissolution of Ca2 and Mg2 from the main raw material,They will agglomerate the highly dispersed Al2O3 and SiO2 and other active substances,
Lead to hardening too fast, reducing the use of time,Difficult to obtain dense construction pouring body.
Solution: By choosing a chelator to block these cations,The rate of aggregation of the active material in a dispersed state is controlled. Get dense construction pouring body.

Another problem that exists is that alkaline refractory castables may crack during the drying process,So that the construction of casting body damage.
The reason is that MgO hydrates during the drying process.

Due to (MgO) dissolved in water precipitation reaction,Direct hydration with water vapor occurs,
Will lead to alkaline refractory castable construction body structure damage.

An important measure to improve the hydration resistance of alkaline refractory castables,
Is the correct choice of additives (active SiO2 ultrafine powder)
Another benefit of adding SiO2 to alkaline refractory castables is the reduction of slag penetration into the alkaline refractory castables.