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According to 2014 data export refractory bricks, refractory bricks Chinese exports have been in the forefront! where to buy fire brick? China’s purchase of firebrick, has become the first choice for customers around the world!

Choose the shape and size of the design firebrick, mainly depend on the masonry of industrial furnaces and other thermal equipment lined design. firebrick shape and size must be possible to meet the needs of the kiln refractory brick, masonry both to ensure easy operation, but also to ensure the use of performance masonry thermal equipment (such as sealing, insulation, brick grade and life etc.).

How to choose to buy firebrick? When the furnace refractory brick lining design units during the design, we must first have a certain size design firebrick firebrick size or direct selection of standard sizes of refractory bricks, furnace or kiln design units designed to build units, in addition to Zhulu meet operating and service life, it must also take into account whether this convenient refractory firebrick manufacturing plant, and this brick molding, loading and firing bricks and other qualified rate and final yield of the main production processes on whether high.

Zhulu operate both easy to operate, and easy to manufacture refractory firebrick plant model are many, if each unit has a furnace and thermal equipment are in line with their own custom design requirements and firebrick, then do not said the country, is a refractory brick factory acceptance and production models will be much the same purpose to an alarming extent.

Firebrick model is not too easy, not refractory plant prepared a lot of extra brick mold. And to intermodulation firebrick plant interpersonal, management and computing have brought great difficulties. Therefore, the design firebrick size, taking into account its universal serialization and standardization.

Kiln design, construction orders and prepare firebrick Zhulu units, should be carried out to calculate the number used firebrick each. This calculation of convenience and accuracy. Depends directly on the firebrick size reasonable. Alumina bricks

Each firebrick size Apparently it seems very simple, but each has its inherent regularity, it reflects a country’s overall level of brickwork, refractory brick production and design. For example, the size of the brick molding pressure build direction (thickness), and can reflect the ability PRESS; firebrick relationship dimension series and furnace design is very close, the height should be brick kiln brick thickness (including Zhuanfeng) integer multiple of the brick wall thickness due firebrick kiln size series (length or width) decision; firebrick size determines its own parameters.

In order to establish the size of the series firebrick, firebrick size standards and develop general rules established firebrick size design, we should explore the theory and practice of the law of firebrick and refractory brick size design calculation methods.

With the further development of radiation-shaped refractory brick, the two wedge-shaped brick with the “brick radius variation of a wedge” shaped brick masonry radiation concepts and calculations were studied on the theory and practice from confirmed ” a wedge brick radius variation is constant, “derived formulas, and on this basis to find a wedge between law brick size relationships. According to the law of change between wedge brick size relationship developed and validated in our country has been published

[brick and magnesium brick shape and size], [open hearth aluminum brick shape and size], [blast furnace and stove with brick shape and size] and [GM] firebrick standard shapes and sizes;
Export ratio of two wedge-shaped brick new formula, and the preparation for the investigation of a variety of wedge with each other with brick brickwork calculation form.