Induction furnace advantages and Development Direction

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Induction furnace has the following advantages:

(1) induction furnace heat generated in the charge inside, without external conduction, and thus high thermal efficiency, heating speed.
(2) easily adjustable superheat liquid iron, the iron temperature is high.
(3) elements burning less and less gas content in liquid iron and non-metallic inclusions.
(4) Since the electromagnetic stirring, chemical composition and temperature of molten iron uniform.
(5) The smelting process is stable, easy to control, precise chemical composition of molten iron.
(6) should be spent or on scrap, with increased production of synthetic iron carbon method.
(7) chips and scrap and other small corners of cheap scrap difficult cupola furnace directly used in induction furnace by means of electromagnetic stirring, it is likely to be involved and the rapid melting of the molten iron, and oxide loss is rare.
(8) induction furnace flue gas and dust less, low noise, low work intensity, environmental management more convenient.
(9) as compared to the cupola, there is no liquid iron is coke sulfur pollution problems.
(10) easy to automate management.

Of course, the induction furnace also has some shortcomings.

For example, the slag can not sense heat, the slag temperature is low. Coupled with high aspect ratio crucible, induction furnace smelting capacity is far better than the electric arc furnace, to a certain extent, the induction furnace is a remelting equipment. In addition, the induction furnace liquid iron is too cold tendency of large, Front need to take preventive measures.

Induction furnace, power consumption is larger than the cupola. However, the resulting increase in costs can increase and decrease the cast iron casting scrap rate and get compensation for the excess. In recent years, due to increased coke prices and the cost of environmental management cupola, induction furnace more attention has been paid, and their use is expanding.
It is foreseeable that the tight supply situation with the coming on stream in the Three Gorges generating units will be eased, the outlook is very promising induction furnaces.
High-quality and high-grade gray cast iron ductile iron required by the high-temperature, low-sulfur, clean, and precise chemical composition of liquid iron and less interference original elements as a precondition, induction furnace just provide a good platform.

At present, the core casting production machinery, power, automotive, container and iron pipe and other departments, the use of induction furnace or an induction furnace cupola double widespread. Domestic OEMs and foreign buyers, often in induction furnace as a designated supply conditions, and further promote the foundry induction furnace melting of the process.

Medium frequency induction furnace power density (specific power of up to 600 ~ 1200kW / t), melting fast, convenient from melting, saving energy. As the power density, no equilibrium device, small footprint, so equipment and construction costs relatively low frequency induction furnace of 10% to 15%. Become the preferred medium frequency induction furnace melting furnace of the foundry.

In international frequency induction furnace has substantially retained only its core aspects of some of the positions in the holding furnace.
Today, medium frequency induction furnace of developments are:

(1) higher than power, electrical and thermal efficiency of double high and rapid melting.
(2) power continuously adjustable to meet the needs of different heating and insulation capabilities.
(3) frequency. During melting as higher frequencies, boosting power to speed up the melting; late with a lower frequency to increase stirring force, promote the adjustment by carbon and alloy composition.
(4) Dual power, a power that is two-for-oven switches were contacted two furnace. In between the two furnace can be arbitrarily assigned power to achieve two melting furnaces with a furnace or a furnace to melt the insulation, make sure that at any time to provide the pouring of molten iron wire. Sintered lining can also be melted in a furnace while the other furnace.
(5) automation management. Such as melting, thermal insulation, lining preheating sintering implement programmable automatic operation; for power, furnace and water cooling system for fault diagnosis and treatment. A high degree of automation of the furnace, manual operations are limited to power, and it is set to open the inverter input power, without having to set up manned drive or make other operating adjustments. During operation inverter control board will automatically change based on the feed amount and temperature and other parameters of the inverter in the efficient operation of state to complete heating, insulation of the whole process.
(6) wide mouth furnace. Recent international launch wide-mouth furnace induction furnace, enabling aniseed directly into the furnace.