Fireclay brick with clay clinker as Department of orthopedics, refractory clay as binder content of Al2O3 is 30 ~ 48% of the refractory products.

Will be crushed and milled with clinker clay mixed grinding, again with the particle clinker together formulated as semi dry mud, high pressure forming, sintering at about 1400℃, better performance.

Making clay brick raw material is clay mineral. Natural refractory clay in general can be divided into hard clay and soft clay.

Clay bricks under high temperature is weak acidity, alkaline slag erosion resistance ability is a bit poor, but with the content of Al2O3 increased, the thermal stability of Silica Brick, Magnesia Brick better than.

Fireclay brick is a long history of refractory materials,the most widely used !


  • Blast Furnace
  • Hot Blast Furnace
  • Cupola Furnace
  • Ladle And Pouring Steel System And Soaking Furnace
  • Heating Furnace
  • Melting Furnace Of Non-Ferrous Metal
  • Kiln And Thermotechnical Equipment
  • All The Chimney Flue With Silicate Industry
  • Chemical Industry

Technical Data

ITMESK 31SK 30SK 30SK 29SK 29SK 28SK 27
CHINA CODEN-1N-2aN-2bN-3aN-3bN-4N-5
Refractoriness ℃1750173017301710171016901670
Al2O3 %40393434323231
Fe2O3 %
Apparent Porosity%22242624262426
Bulk Density g/cm32.
Cold Crushing Strength Mpa30252020152015
0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load T0.6 ℃ ≥1400135013501320132013001300
Reheating Linear Change 1400℃+0.1- -0.4+0.1- -0.5+0.2- -0.5
1350℃+0.2- -0.5+0.2- -0.5+0.2- -0.5+0.2- -0.

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