Project Description

Refractory cement Introduction

Refractory cement CA50 series of products based on natural quality bauxite and limestone as raw materials, high-temperature calcination to a calcium aluminate (CA) and the second one calcium aluminate (CA2) main clinker phase, and then by grinding to optimum particle size distribution of the cement matrix.

Alumina (Al2O3) content of 50-55%;
High early strength, setting hardening fast, one day strength up to 70% of the final strength.
High heat of hydration, hydration heat concentration.
Frost resistance, low ambient temperatures can also harden properly.
Broad chemical resistance properties and biological attack, especially with a strong resistance to sulfate attack.
Ideal for high temperature and thermal shock resistance, its refractoriness up to 1370 ℃. Ideal choice castable refractory aggregate prepared using a temperature up to 1500 ℃.

Refractory cement classification

1, general boiler refractory binder  CA50F

  • Fast setting and hardening, heat concentration;
  • Preparation of traditional high cement castable, good construction performance, high construction efficiency;
  • Mainly applied to temperature below 1300 ℃ general industrial and civil boilers.

2, refractory cement A600

  •   Fast setting and hardening, heat concentration;
  •   Preparation of traditional high cement castable, construction performance and fire resistance better than CA50F;
  • Widely used in alkaline castable, high alumina castable general preparation and slag ball production.

3, refractory cement A700

  • High quality raw materials to produce. Low content of harmful impurities;
  • Setting and hardening stable performance. With the rapid development of strength and excellent mechanical strength;
  • Widely used in medium and low cement content castable preparation. Workability and high temperature performance better.

4, refractory cement A900

  • Selection grade alumina and high purity limestone formulated with high alumina content, low content of harmful impurities, with excellent high temperature performance;
  • Setting and hardening stable performance, with good mobility, excellent in workability, rapid the strength development and superior mechanical intensity;
  • Widely used in the preparation of low cement castable; and can be used in conjunction with calcium aluminate cement, to get better, the high temperature properties, higher resistance to mechanical impact, abrasion and chemical erosion ability
  • Widely used in circulating fluidized bed boiler linings, dry cement kiln decomposing furnace, kiln door cover, kilns and furnaces, soaking furnace lining and so on.

5, refractory cement CA50R

  • Quality raw materials, special formula production, between A700 and A900 between high temperature performance;
  • Normal condense, construction, superior performance and fast early strength development, 6h compressive strength of up to 30MPa or more, can greatly improve the speed of construction castable;
  • Ambient temperature changes have a wider tolerance, low temperatures in winter can still maintain a rapid the strength development and the release earlier time;
  • Especially suitable for winter construction, repair and other requirements quickly releasing the conservation of the occasion.

Refractory Cement Applicaions

  • Refractory cement is mainly used for unshaped refractory materials,
  • Widely used in iron and steel, petrochemical, power, nonferrous metals, building materials industry. Industrial kilns
  • Chemical building materials, water treatment and other industries and uses.
SiO2 %≤8.0≤7.8≤7.5≤5.5≤7.0
Al2O3 %≥50.0≥50.0≥51.0≥53.5≥52.0
Fe2O3 %≤2.5≤2.5≤2.5≤2.5≤2.5
R2O %≤0.4≤0.4≤0.4≤0.4≤0.4
0.045mm retained %≤20≤15≤12≤8≤8
specific area, m2/kg≥300≥300≥320≥350≥350
initial setting time (Min)≥30≥45≥60≥90≥30
final setting time,min (Hour)≤6≤6≤6≤6≤6
Flexural strength (MPa)6 hour~~~~≥3.0
1 days≥5.5≥6.0≥6.5≥8.0≥7.0
3 days≥6.5≥7.0≥7.5≥10.0≥8.0
Compressive strength (MPa)6 Hour~~~~≥30
1 days≥40≥45≥55≥72≥60
3 days≥50≥55≥65≥82≥70