high alumina bricks

High Alumina Bricks Suppliers

High alumina brick is mainly used in blast furnace, hot blast furnace, furnace furnace, blast furnace, reverberatory furnace, rotary[…]

silica insulation brick

Silica Insulation Bricks

silica insulation bricks based on silicon ore as the main raw material of insulating refractory products.

silica bricks

Silica Brick

The silica brick can be widely used in coke oven, hot blast furnace, glass furnce and carbon furnace. In glass industry, it is[…]


Magnesia Bricks

Magnesia brick is mainly used for basic open hearth furnace, furnace bottom and furnace wall oxygen converter steelmaking, the[…]

Ladle castable

Ladle Castable Refractory

Ladle castable is a refractory raw material of aluminum and magnesium by adding a certain amount of binder made

Fireclay Bricks

Fireclay Bricks

Fireclay brick is a long history of refractory materials,the most widely used !Fireclay brick with clay clinker as Department of orthopedics